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From the north country to the seacoast, state of Maine jobs come with an important fringe benefit: ready access to the natural beauty and wilderness of Maine. Over 30,000 square miles of land and about 3,500 miles of coastline (plus islands) are home to a population of approximately 1.3 million residents.

Working in Maine

Healthcare is the dominant industry in the state, followed by retail and education. Manufacturing and construction jobs are also widespread. Along the coast and in inland tourist areas, hospitality is a strong employer, though often seasonal. Workers throughout the state hold jobs in Maine government, often for a significant part of their careers.

State of Maine Jobs in Offices and the Great Outdoors

Government workers in Maine can work in a city environment or, commonly, represent the government in the backcountry or rural areas. Elections jobs in Maine offer a chance to travel the state. DHHS Maine jobs may work with semi-urban populations or residents located in small logging communities, fishing towns and even on remote islands.

Maine human resources jobs hire for a workforce that is scattered from the Canadian border to Massachusetts. Forests, state parks and the seacoast provide direct hire opportunities for environmentally conscious jobs, while state of Maine open competitive jobs agency positions including corrections, caseworkers and human services positions as they become available.

Part-Time and Seasonal

Part time and seasonal jobs in Maine include many along the seacoast that is saturated with tourists during the summer months. Ski areas, backcountry lodges and recreation areas throughout the states wilderness areas also offer jobs with a view and fresh air.

For hardworking people who love the outdoors, the Maine hut system hires for seasonal and year-round positions hosting hikers from around the world. Maine's manufacturing and retail industries provide a large number of warehouse jobs in Maine, including part-time jobs and seasonal labor, especially for the many mail-order retailers.

Maine provides an alternative to urban density. Workers who enjoy state of Maine jobs serve residents in remote backwoods communities, on islands far out at sea and in seacoast towns that swell with tourists and grow quiet in the winter. It's a state with special people and a deep connection with nature.

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